Farm Pickup / Delivery
Breeding Stock
We also offer delivery of our fresh lamb upon request. Depending on your home location, additional fees may apply.
Come visit us on our farm to pick up your fresh frozen lamb; already cut, wrapped, packaged, and ready to go. Bring your own cooler for transporting your lamb home. While you are here, we will take some time and show you around our 600 acre farm and give you a road tour map that will navigate you through our farm with views of lush rolling hills filled with sheep. You just night feel like you have hopped over to Ireland or New Zealand for the day, without having to deal with any custom agents and long lines!

We offer breeding stock here at Monsour Farms. Whether you are adding to your current flock of sheep or want to start your own flock, we raise purely pastured, "Eastern Range" North Country Cheviot ewes. Our breed base offers bright, easy shearing, open-fleeced ewes with clean heads and legs - ideal for the humid conditions in the Eastern United States.
Over 30 years of genetic development off of a grass-based system has produced a ewe with superior survivability, mothering instinct, and foraging aggressiveness. Monsour ewes and lambs can flourish on a total grass-based system. Lambs are born, raised and finished on grass pasture. Our North Country Cheviot breed allows for a dual purpose ewe with superior meat and medium grade wool that is great for hand spinners. Quantities of 5 or more may be purchased from the farm. Call for pricing.

Monsour Farms Conservation Programs

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At Monsour Farms we believe that we don't own the land but oversee it for Mother Earth. That is why we do our best to enhance our land for future generations by taking part in conservation of our land and waterways. Nearly all of the streams that run through the farm are fenced off from the livestock. This keeps the streams much cleaner while cutting back on the runoff that would occur if the animals were to have full access to the stream beds. There are designated areas where the sheep are able to cross and these areas are lined with stone to help reduce additional runoff. During the last ten years we have planted more than 5,000 trees here at Monsour Farms. Fifty acres of our land has been set aside for the conservation efforts that aid the improvement of local streams and eventually the Chesapeake Bay.
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"We count ourselves quite fortunate to have Monsour lamb available to us. Not only does it have a wonderful flavor, but, having visited the farm on numerous occasions, we can attest first hand to the uncompromising care that goes into producing a consistently outstanding product for our family's enjoyment."
  Chris Smith
Bedford, PA

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