Monsour Lamb
Having a fondness for cooking ethnic foods, Kathy came up with the idea to raise a few sheep so that she would always be able to have quality lamb for her recipes. They bought two bred ewes, raising them on 17 acres, and the rest is history. For over 30 years, Monsour Farms has been raising all natural, grass fed lamb with quality second to none.
Since he was a little boy, Jack Monsour wanted to be a farmer. Spending the summer months with his grandparents in the country, little Jack learned a love for the great outdoors and an appreciation for all living things. In 1975, Jack married Kathy Hill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In a short while, they found themselves settled far from the city lights in the serenity of Bedford, Pennsylvania.
The Monsours have continued to expand the family farm and now operate a flock of 1,000 pure bred North Country Eastern Range ewes on 600 acres of lush, picturesque pastures. Located just three miles off exit 146 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Monsour Farms is nestled in the historical district of Dutch Corner. When you purchase Monsour Lamb, you're not only buying the freshest and best tasting lamb you will ever find, but you are also getting the priceless quality of knowing where your food has been raised. We promise that the lamb you purchase is raised from start to finish on Monsour Farms - satisfaction guaranteed.

All Natural Grass Fed - Farm to Table
Whether you're an individual or a buyer looking for large qualities of lamb, Monsour Farms raises all natural, grass-fed, free range lamb, while adding no hormones or antibiotics to the animals and no pesticides, herbicides, commercial fertilizer, or chemicals to pastures. From the time the lambs are born in April and May until the day you purchase your lamb, you can rest assured that your lamb was raised start to finish on our lush grass pastures, drinking from fresh mountain springs.
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When you purchase your lamb it will be a culinary treat; a lean, tender, fresh meat that will have you wanting to use it in every recipe. Lean lamb is an essential component to creating a great tasting lamb. We also offer lamb for ethnic customs; such as halal and kosher processing. Monsour Lamb is available year round, so give us a call; your taste-buds won't be disappointed.

Characteristics of Monsour Farms and Monsour Lamb

We offer our lamb by the half or whole, year round. Pricing can be found on the order form below.

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"In America, lamb is usually strong flavored and a little course. When you have lamb in France, it is delicate and refined meat, completely different. Jack Monsour has been doing a field selection over a number of years, keeping only the best lambs. His lamb is just like the lamb you get in France. I can't recommend it strongly enough."
  William Sweeney
New York, NY
"We are paying more and more attention to where our food comes from and how it's treated and we are fortunate to have discovered Monsour Farms. Fresh lamb, treated with care, fed a diet that doesn't include by-products and allowed to graze on acres and acres of land. This family run farm takes so much pride in the quality of their lamb and it makes me even more conscious of how I treat and cook the meat in my kitchen Every cut has been succulent, juicy, tender, and above all, fresh."
  Leyla Ghorbani-Varziden
Potomac, MD

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